Our mission

Reproducing disciples of a Certain Kind

2 Timothy 2:2 – “And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

The principle behind this powerful verse is that of multiplying our influence. Notice that there are 4 Generations here:

  1. Paul – First there must be a man called and committed.
  2. Timothy – Then there must be a disciple who is willing and desirous.
  3. Faithful Men – Then there must be some who are faithful and available.
  4. Others – Finally there must be those of a “certain kind” who are ready and trainable.

Paul unveiled a disciple-making strategy that Timothy could use to help build the Church in Ephesus. The key was discipleship. 

The word reliable or faithful – denotes “one who shows himself faithful in transacting a business, executing a command or discharging an official duty” or “one who is trustworthy and can be relied on.” The word ‘others’ here in the Greek word heteros.

This word denotes not just another additional number but it speaks also of another of the same quality. Therefore this word others in 2 Timothy 2:2 can be better translated as “others of a certain kind”. So what Paul is talking about here is discipleship where we reproduce after our own certain kind.

And this is our primary task as a church – to reproduce disciples of a certain kind.

What “Certain Kind” of disciplemakers are we reproducing?

1. Spiritual in Orientation

God-Centred Orientation
Biblical Worldview and Kingdom Values

2. Strong in the Word and Prayer (Authenticity)

Abide (Rootedness in the scriptures)
Alignment (Mastered by the word of God)

3. Surrendered to Christ Daily (Brokenness)

Security (Inward Restedness – Nothing to prove, hide & lose)
Stewardship (Simplicity of life & Open Hand)

4. Sold out for His Cause (Courageous)

Holy Spirit-Empowered & Kingdom-Prioritised
Living with a sense of Calling (Marriage, Ministry, Marketplace, Mission)
Walking in the spirit of faith (Divine Appointments & Active Obedience)