Conference speakers

Rev Edmund Chan

Rev Edmund Chan is one of the most sought-after expository preachers in Asia and around the world, and is recognised by many as having the exceptional gift of making complex things simple. His insightful biblical teachings have been well-received in many parts of the world, resulting in speaking invitations three to five years in advance.

After being the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church for 25 years, he stepped down in January 2012 when he handed the leadership mantle of Covenant EFC over to Rev Tony Yeo and Rev Tan Kay Kiong. He remains on staff as Leadership Mentor, while being involved in the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciple-Making Churches (IDMC Global Alliance), an organisation he founded with his wife, Pastor Ann. Pastor Edmund also serves on the advisory councils of several Christian organisations.

As Leadership Mentor, he continues to mentor top-level leaders within Singapore and beyond. These include CEOs, senior pastors, denominational leaders, theological educators as well as national and regional directors of para-church organisations.

In 1995, Rev Edmund launched the annual Intentional Disciple-Making Church (IDMC) Conferences. It has since become a sold-out conference imparting cutting-edge disciple-making teachings to over 2,500 participants from some 197 churches in 23 countries. As part of the Global IDMC movement, Covenant Evangelical Free Church partnered with Christ Commmision Fellowship and hosted the first ever Global Discipleship Congress in Manila in May 2013, with seven thousand delegates representing 61 countries in attendance.

Not only is Rev Edmund a much sought-after speaker, he is also a prolific author. He has written and published several books, including Growing Deep in God (2002); Mentoring Paradigms (2008); Growing Deep In Faith (2010), Cultivating Your Inner Life (2011)A Certain Kind (2013) and Radical Discipleship (2014). Possessing a quick mind and a keen intellect, Pastor Edmund completed his two-year Masters degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA) in less than nine months and graduated summa cum laude.

He is married to Ann, who actively ministers alongside him around the world. They have two lovely daughters, Amanda and Belicia.

Ps Ann Chan

Pastor Ann Chan ministers actively alongside her husband, Rev Edmund Chan, Leadership Mentor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, championing the Intentional Disciple-Making Churches (IDMC) vision around the world together.

A gifted leader and teacher, she has pioneered many of Covenant EFC’s ministries, including the Women-in-Covenant (WiC) ministry. As part of the WiC ministry, she gave a series of talks over two years called “The Godly Woman”. They were very well-received. Many women have also been ministered by her through the Breakthrough Weekends. No stranger to pain and suffering, she is an empathetic and wise counsellor who co-wrote the Wholeness in Christ material with several other women. It has benefitted many who desire wholeness and healing in their lives.

Pastor Ann graduated from the Singapore Bible College in 1987. In 1994, she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education (with honours) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She has also mentored, preached and taught in many countries, including Hong Kong, Australia, the United States and United Kingdom. In 2008, she co-wrote Roots and Wings with her husband. She and Reverend Edmund have two daughters, Amanda and Belicia.

Rev Paul Jeyachandran

Rev Paul Jeyachandran is a gifted preacher and an able mentor. For over two decades, he has been actively engaged in mentoring pastors and preaching the Word of God internationally.

In 2011, together with his wife, Pastor Esabel Jeyachandran, they took over the sacred responsibility of leading Life Church Castle Hill in Sydney, Australia towards becoming an intentional disciple making church. Since then, the Church has grown significantly and the Lord has multiplied the church both numerically and influentially.

Rev Paul passionately pursues a God-given vision to call churches back to their disciple making roots and to raise disciplemaking leaders.

Rev Paul and Pastor Esabel live in Castle Hill, a beautiful suburb in Sydney, with their two beloved sons, David and Adam.