Making disciples of all nations

Making disciples of all nations

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“It’s not about how many, but what kind.”

The key question for us as church leaders today should not be “How many?” but “What kind?” Rather than ask “Are we making disciples?”, we need to ask; “What kind of disciples are we making?” and, more importantly, “What kind of disciples are we?”

The Body of Christ will languish spiritually without true disciplemaking at its heart.

We usually attempt to measure church growth with criteria such as congregation size, financial budget or facilities. However, true church health needs to be primarily evaluated by consideration of more qualitative criteria. There is a need to fundamentally redefine success in ministry.

We believe that church health should be determined by what kind of people make up the congregation; what kind are we making, what kind are we and how many are growing in Christlikeness.

The ultimate aim should not be more spiritual activity but spiritual maturity.

“We believe in authentic discipleship to Jesus Christ and intentional disciple-making of all nations for God’s glory!”

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We’re so grateful for the significant part you play in building His Kingdom!

As you learn more the IDMC Movement, I pray there would be resonance in your heart with your journey, ministry and the call before us as the Church.

Over the last 20 years as a pastor in Australia, the Lord has done two key things in my life for which I am eternally grateful.

Firstly, He brought me through a journey of brokenness where I needed to be authentic in my walk with Him and to be courageous in my calling.

Secondly, the Lord opened my eyes to see the critical need of the Church and the heart’s cry of my fellow ministers of God.

To that end, the Lord has called my wife, Esabel, and I to lead a movement where we are committed to wave the flag of intentional disciplemaking and call churches back to its disciplemaking roots.

Together for His Kingdom,

Rev. Paul Jeyachandran