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The Intentional Disciplemaking Church vision has been at the core and heart of Life Church since 2013. Moved by obedience towards Christ’s Great Commission, Life Church has since taken the initiative on launching annually the IDMC conferences in Australia with the goal of training the wider body.

Having guiding principles that the Kingdom of God is bigger than the local church and kindred-spirit friendship as the key to unity movement, and a primary vision to reproduce disciples of ‘a certain kind’, Life Church aims to be pro-active in sharing resources with the Kingdom and taking the initiative to partner with others for projects that will advance the Kingdom of God in Sydney and beyond.

We are aiming to develop a friendship network of kindred spirits composing of senior pastors and church leaders to promote learning and support. Contact us on the details below, to journey with us as authentic disciples in intentional disciplemaking.

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IDMC Conferences aim to be catalytic in sounding a clear clarion call for intentional disciplemaking in the local church. It seeks to provoke thinking, to provide perspective and to promote intentional disciplemaking in churches.

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IDMC Movement has been, and always will be, focused on bringing churches back to its disciplemaking roots. If you believe that disciplemaking should be the fundamental focus of the church then we invite you to stand alongside us.

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