The call

Disciplemaking towards spiritual maturity

The defining mark of spiritual maturity is Christlikeness.

The goal of disciplemaking is not merely information transfer or knowledge accumulation. It is life transformation. There is a false assumption that truth changes lives. Truth alone doesn’t change lives; it is truth applied that changes lives. We are not called merely to appreciate or admire the truth. We are called to apply the truth. Spiritual transformation comes with application.

While faithful preaching is important, it must be complemented by intentional growth strategies and discipleship processes that facilitate growth towards application. When believers grow in the application of God’s Word, this leads to spiritual maturity.

Call to intentional discplemaking

Spiritual maturity must lead to spiritual multiplication! We need both but maturity precedes multiplication. The quality of the fruit is determined by the depth of the root.

In the words of Bill Hull, “Unless the church makes making disciples its main agenda, world evangelism is a fantasy.” It is impossible to win the world through mere spiritual addition. God intends the world to be won through the strategy of spiritual multiplication.

The power of spiritual multiplication lies in the premise that God intends for every believer to be a disciple of Christ and every disciple of Christ to be an intentional disciplemaker of others.