1 Chronicles 22:5 – “Now David said… ‘the house to be built for the Lord must be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all countries. I will now make abundant preparation for it.”

I’m inspired by what David said. One short sentence contains such power-packed concepts …

1. “The House of the Lord”
This is the focus of our lives. We live for it.

2. “Must Be”
We are not people with mere wishes. We are people with a great mission. What we are called to do is not optional. We are not simply “giving it a go”. There is a sense of “must” about what we do. It’s a “must” that comes from the fact that I want to rather than ought to.

3. “Built” 
We are builders of a great work. We are not simply hoping for a lucky break or for a miracle that accomplishes all for us. We are exercising initiative, wisdom and faith to build for the future.

4. “Exceeding” 
I want to exceed people’s expectations. We are people of the second mile. This isn’t a community organization. The House of God is Heaven’s franchise located here in Castle Hill. It cannot be average.

5. “Famous” 
We cannot accept a state of affairs in which the church is easily ignored. We want to do something worth talking about. We believe the church should be the talk of the town. When someone or something is famous … all manner of people come just to “check them out”. We want to be known for something out of the ordinary.

6. “Glorious Throughout All Countries” 
The audacity of David! Here are the Jews, a tiny spec of civilization on a massive planet … talking about becoming glorious throughout the whole world. I love people with big vision. We might be in Castle Hill but our influence is going to be world-wide. We must continually look beyond where we are situated and never allow our environment to dictate who we become.

7. “I Will” 
Take personal responsibility. Behave as if you are solely responsible. Don’t say “he will” or “they will” or “who will?” but rather “I will”.

8. “Now” 
Today is a wonderful day for it. Give up Christian fatalism – the kind of Doris Day spirituality that says “if it’s God’s will it will happen” whilst taking no initiative or steps of faith to engage God. The writer of Hebrews declares “NOW faith is”. There is always something I can be doing today to sow for my future.

9. “Make Preparations for It” 
You will never build what you haven’t prepared for. Whether you realize it or not, for better or for worse, you are preparing SOMETHING today. You must know what “it” is. Many people fail to prepare anything because they have not clearly defined what it is they are sowing for.

10. “Prepare Abundantly” 
Don’t prepare the night before. We are not fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants people. No! We prepare abundantly … investing time, thought, effort and energy to see something great established in our lifetime.